The Barnston Island Herbs Theme Song

In my life, I’ve learned that all successful companies share one thing in common: a catchy theme song. What? You thought I was going to say something trivial like “a mission statement,” or “a business plan”? Pfft. Poppycock. Nope, just a song. And here’s ours (which you can sing to the tune of the old Spider-Man Theme):

Barnston Man, Barnston Man
Friendly neighbourhood Barnston Man.
Grows live herbs any size,
Uses ladybugs to catch flies.
Look out!
Here comes the Barnston Man.

Baby veg. Artichokes.
Way too many God-awful jokes.
Lettuces. Lots of fruit.
Please stop wearing that spandex suit.
Seems he’s
Not Jewish, Barnston Man.

In the chill of night
If you’ve been in a crime
Call the cops to help
‘Cause, dude, I just grow thyme.

Barnston Man, Barnston Man
No suppliers do what he can.
Wealth and fame
He would like.
There’s no produce that rhymes with “like.”

To him, life’s about special salads
Mushrooms inspire ballads.
Call him, he’s Barnston Maaaaaaaaan!


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