Barnston Island Herbs in the News!

A few months back, Melinda and Dan from OptikLocal’s myVancouver stopped by our farm to shoot a story on us and who we are. After they allayed our country-borne fears of them strange outsiders who dun stepped on our property with their newfangled, electric-picture-taking gizmos and we, in turn, finished pelting them with leftover yellow pattipan, they proceeded to film the following, a great piece featuring a glimpse inside our cutting-edge greenhouses, the best salesman in the produce business, and possibly the worst haircut in the Western Hemisphere (jump to the 2:37 mark, if you don’t believe me). Oh, and there’s a subtle tip of the hat to our friend,¬†Beaucoup Bakery, in the video. But please refrain from telling¬†Jackie. Her ego’s big enough already. =)


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