“Barnston Island? Where’s that?”

Yeah, we hear that a lot.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Barnston Island is in the middle of the Fraser River in Surrey, BC. It’s home to about 150 people, including several generational farmers and the Katzie First Nation.

Oh, and us, of course.

We set up shop on Barnston Island as Fresh Herbs by Daniel, way back in 1979. Our original owner, Daniel Baillard, used innovative growing techniques to supply fresh, live herbs to Vancouver’s top restaurants and hotels, and to establish a benchmark for food service quality that is still rarely matched today.

We became Barnston Island Herbs in 1987, when Daniel handed over the reins to Peter and Jennifer Hoffmann. Since then, we’ve grown from a little herb farm that could, into the supplier of fresh greens and specialty produce that restaurants and hotels call when they need the best.

Our innovations have helped put BC’s food scene on the map. Remember Mesclun Mix in the 90’s? We brought that into the market. Or the Cape Gooseberries that arrived on dessert plates in the 2000’s? Us, too. Or White Pea and White Popcorn Shoots? You guessed it.

And those are just a few ways we’ve made our mark on BC’s top kitchens.

Here at Barnston, we’re a family business, with Mom (Jennifer) and Dad (Peter) running things on the farm, and Son (David) finding new chef partners. We take great pride in what we grow and sell because our name’s on it. It’s how we’ve operated for the last thirty years, and how we’ll keep doing it for the next thirty.

So if you’re looking for the best in fresh herbs, greens, and produce, give us a shout. Or as Dad says, “Call us for a good Thyme.”

Call us for a good Thyme

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