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Take a look. This is some of what we’ve got in stock.

Want something you don’t see here? Just ask us and we can either grow it or source it for you. If it’s produce, we can make it happen.

Live Herbs

Also available:
Summer Savory; Watercress.
Allow 4-5 weeks for growth and delivery.

Live Lettuces

Also available:
Rainbow Cress (mixed micro greens)Red Dragon.
Allow 4-5 weeks for growth and delivery.

Fresh Cut Herbs

Available in the following quantities: 14g or 25g bag; 1/4 lb; 1/2 lb; 1 lb.

Fresh Cut Lettuces

Also available:
Spring Mix (organic/non-organic).

Fresh Fruit

Also Available:
Ambrosia Apples; Medjool Dates; Meyer Lemons; Pears: anjou, bosc.

Specialty Vegetables





Also available:
Baby Mixed Beets (3-4 types); Carrots: baby peeled, medium bunched; Long English Cucumbers; Brussel Sprouts; Cauliflower: white; Kohlrabi: green; Peppers: jalapeno, pasilla, serrano, tomatillo; Squash: acorn, butternut, kaboucha, spaghetti; Broccolini; Rapini; Eggplant; Sweet Potatoes; Turnips: purple top, yellow; Jicama; Parsnip; Garlic (peeled); Shallots (peeled).

Fresh Tomatoes


Edible Flowers

Flowers typically sold in mixes, but available individually. Please contact us about individual quantities.

Specialty Mushrooms

Also available:
Baby Organic Mix; Fresh Cultivated Mix; Fresh Exotic Mix; Fresh Gourmet Mix (shredded); Fresh Wild Mix; Button Mushrooms.
Mushroom orders must be placed by noon (12:00 pm) for next day delivery.

Got questions? Wanna place an order? Give us a shout.

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